Personal Chef Meal Prep

Let our talented Personal Chefs make your life a whole lot easier, with 100% customized, nutritionist approved menus cooked in your own kitchen (or delivered to your door). Come home to delicious, freshly cooked plant-based meals, with tonnes extra stocked up in your fridge or freezer for the rest of the week. Worried about getting enough diversity in your meals? We’ve Gut you covered! Your Personal Chef will ensure your custom menu will include a wide variety of wholesome plant ingredients, so you can just focus on being a healthier, stronger, better you!



Rates start at $275/week- groceries are included! You always approve your upcoming menus and your nutritionist Chef will ensure the meals suit your tastes and health goals. Whether it’s a meal for one, a special occasion, or you’ve got a houseful of hungry mouths to feed, our Personal Chef Services are the best, most convenient way to ensure your dietary needs are met while giving you plenty of time to tackle all the other things on your plate! The meals can either be cooked in your kitchen, or simply have them delivered to your door at your convenience.


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