Eating a diversity of plants should be the golden rule of eating ~ Dr Will Bulsiewicz

Biodiversity is crucial. It affects all ecosystems, either on a large (Amazon rainforest) or small (your gut) scale.  When biodiversity erodes we see that these ecosystems become unhealthy. To support a diversity of microbes in your gut you need a diversity of plants in your diet. Why? Because of the thousands of unique types of fiber present in each unique plant, that feed a specific gut bacteria species. If you don't eat a specific food, the gut microbiota that thrive on that food  starve. This can lead to food sensitivities, bloating, and other digestive discomfort, due to the fact that your microbiome doesn’t have the appropriate tools to digest or absorb what you’re feeding it.

Research has found, that regardless of whether it’s Paleo, Vegan, Low Fat, High Carb, or any other diet, the Number One key predictor of a healthy, happy gut microbiome is the amount of variety of plant foods in your diet.

Can you take a guess as to how many plants you eat each week? If you’re the average American, that number is a sad, meager 15.

Experts recommend eating a minimum of 30 unique varieties of plants each week, to ensure the health and abundance of your microbiome.

Sound challenging? Oh My Gut Grocery boxes and mealplans make it super easy.

We offer weekly fresh grocery boxes, delivered straight to your door, containing an abundance of plant-based ingredients, as well as corresponding tasty, easy to follow recipes. That way, you can simply follow the recipes each week, and have the exact amount of ingredients conveniently delivered to your door, with each weekly box containing minimum 30 different pre-portioned plant ingredients, with brand new recipes and ingredients each and every week. And because each grocery box comes only with the ingredients and portions you need, you won’t be wasting or purchasing excess ingredients.

With boxes for couples, or families of 4 or more, OMG! Grocery Boxes and Mealplans are the most convenient, simple, tasty and affordable way to ensure your family stays healthy and well fed.

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